ReformBnB Barcelona was a great success where more than 30 associations representing 24 different nationalities from around de world, shared their thoughts and their knowledge about the situation of the Short Term Rental (STR) Industry. On the following links you will find the consesuated guidelines we worked all together on the workshop on Monday the 29th. You will also have access to the most updated report created for the event where you will get a wide view of what is the situation of the STR industry in different cities and countries around the world. The report also includes the attendance to the event. (We are still working on getting a most updated version with even more cities and countries participating).  

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APRIL 29-30TH 2019

THE second meeting in Barcelona.

ReformBnB Barcelona was a meeting of hotel associations and carefully selected allies to discuss how to deal with the short-term rental (STR) industry. The focus was on developing joint projects and exchanging strategic insights, all with the goal of promoting fair rules for the short-term rental industry.

We published a joint document summarizing the regulatory situation for the STR industry in cities across the world, including a compilation of best practices. This document aims at providing participants with more concrete information about the current situation in different destinations of the world, with special interest in good practices, as well as those practices that have not resulted to be efficient. This document completed the “ReformBnB – For a socially responsible home sharing industry” report released in New York.

The informal start of the event was on Sunday the 28th, with a cocktail and networking session in the afternoon.

The first official day, Monday the 29th and running till 5.30 pm will be devoted to strategy workshops and discussions among hotel associations. This day was a private session, exclusive only for hotel associations.

The second day, Tuesday the 30th, was public and media facing, with presentations from high level politicians and other key speakers to attract media attention. It will end at midday.

Check the agenda and the speakers here:

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Monday 29th – TUESDAY 30TH

The sessions on Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th will take place at Novotel Barcelona City –
Avinguda Diagonal, 201, 08018 Barcelona.

Sunday 28th

The previous cocktail on Sunday 28th will take place at the offices of the Barcelona Hotel Association – Via Laietana, 47, 1st Floor, Barcelona.

about reformbnb

Last November we held NYC ReformBnB, the first international summit of hotel associations grappling with the challenge of the short-term rental (STR) industry. There we launched the ReformBnB movement, a network of hotel associations and other groups pushing for commonsense regulation on the STR industry.

This was the first time the global hotel industry came together on this issue, and it was a great success. We had hotel industry representatives from 20 countries and over 30 cities, as well as senior director from the major chains Marriott and Hilton. Attendees came from places as far apart as New York, Paris, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Perth, Montreal and Tokyo.

There were also guests and speakers from outside the hotel industry including British, Chilian and New York politicians, academics, and local housing and community organizations, all calling for reform of the sector. Media coverage was excellent.

We are sending out a regular newsletter covering key issues and strategic discussions in the global debate. Please also find attached in this page the joint statement from the NY event.

Finally, we agreed to regular meetings of the ReformBnB movement in cities across the world, where we would try to build our movement further.

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Barcelona Hotel Association

Via Laietana, 47, 1r 2a, 08003 Barcelona
09 AM – 18 PM
(+34) 93 301 62 40